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Index Fund Return Data -- UPDATE!
Fidelity will collapse multiple share classes of its 21 index funds into a single class of funds.

Scheduled to occur in two tranches (after the markets close today, November 2, and next on November 9), their Investor, Premium, Institutional, and Institutional Premium classes will disappear. While the surviving fund names will be the existing retail share class that we already show in both our printed newsletter and on our website, please be aware that the index funds' tickers, CUSIPs and identifying fund numbers will be changed to either Fidelity's lower-cost Institutional or Institutional Premium classes that are already in use.

Given Fidelity's extremely short notice of these changes, our online data feed will need to be re-established and Scorecard performance history adjusted once we know the surviving ticker symbols. As for shareholders in these index funds (which includes Small Cap Index, held in two of our model portfolios) the dollar value of your investment will not change, but the number of shares you end up with will be slightly different as a result of this non-taxable event.

Bottom line: Despite some initial confusion, the changes are a plus going forward because they will result in slightly reduced fees for most shareholders, and a simplified lineup of Fidelity index funds.

Hotline Update
Scheduled update: Fridays after market close.

December 14th Hotline Update

John Bonnanzio
This is John Bonnanzio with a Fidelity Monitor & Insight Hotline update for Friday evening, December 14th.

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