Privacy Policy

Fidelity Monitor & Insight is committed to protecting your privacy and personal information. We do not and will not sell personal information. Personal information is only collected for system administration and the completion of individual transactions.


We may occasionally send out a "broadcast" email to our online members. We have implemented a system to allow removal of your name from our internal email mailing list as part of any message we send. If you do choose to be removed, you will have to go through an Opt-in process with our email forwarder in the future, should you want to receive our email notices once again.


Encryption is the most effective security device on the Internet. Encryption is the process of scrambling confidential electronic data into undecipherable code. For our site, we use encryption for new member subscriptions, changing your personal information, membership renewals, and credit card information.


Cookies are small text files a web site can use to recognize a repeat user to its site. A cookie stores important user information in a file on the user's hard drive. The cookies are a basic text file and can only save or recall information. They cannot extract or interact with other data on the user's hard drive.

For our site, we use cookies to deliver a better, more personalized experience within the site. Our cookies store personal information, such as your member number and password. The cookies allow you to visit any page on the site without requiring you to enter login information on each page. The cookies transition the you from page to page without losing member credentials and access rights. For example, when you check off the "save password" box on the member login page, a cookie will store this information on your hard drive, allowing you to browse the site without the need to log in every time you go to our site.

Once you have saved your password, If you would like to unsave your password information, simply check the "clear password" button on the Logout page.

For questions regarding the privacy statement, please email our Webmaster.