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Welcome to Fidelity Monitor & Insight, an advisory service designed exclusively for Fidelity mutual fund investors. Beginning in 1986 with our monthly newsletter, and later teamed with our website, we have been providing Fidelity investors with independent analysis and recommendations on Fidelity's mutual funds. Our goal is to help Fidelity investors navigate the vast array of choices at Fidelity to earn greater profits with less risk.

We feature five easy-to-follow model portfolios (along with four models for Fidelity's PRA annuity) each providing a diversified strategy for a specific level of risk. You can follow our portfolios, matching the trades we announce on our weekly hotline, and obtain the same results in your own account. The hotline is accessible by phone, email, and on this site.

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A one-year membership gives you access to all these features for just $159. That's under $14 a month, probably less than you spend on coffee for a week!

But even better, as a new member, we'll give you 3 additional months absolutely free. That's 15 months for JUST $159! And it's Risk-Free!

If within your first 3 months you don't think we're for you, just let us know and we'll promptly refund every penny you've paid. Decide to leave us after that, and we'll send you a refund on any remaining months of your membership.

And Much More
A PDF of each issue of Fidelity Monitor & Insight is posted to our website on the first business day of the month by 3PM eastern time (check out a sample issue). But you'll find a lot more than that on our site. You can track our model portfolios on a daily basis, as well as the performance of Fidelity's funds for the day, week, month and year-to-date, along with our buy/sell/hold ratings. You'll get the latest Fidelity news on new funds, manager changes, fee waivers and more. You'll find in depth analyses on Fidelity funds, current economic data, as well as long-term trends affecting the markets.

Completely Independent
We have no ties to Fidelity Investments, which means our only agenda is to earn you the best return we can for the amount of risk involved. Our editors provide an independent viewpoint with a contrarian take on the markets. Unlike some mutual fund rating services, our revenues come only from our readers.

A Focus on Performance
Fidelity Monitor & Insight is the best-performing Fidelity fund newsletter over the last 25 years. Our Growth Model has exceeded the S&P 500 return while maintaining similar risk. Our more aggressive portfolio, the Select System, has grown by a factor of 28 for the 27 years ending 12/31/2015.


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