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UPDATED: 2022 Estimated Fidelity Fund Distributions

Here are the Estimated Year-End 2022 Fund Distributions as reported by Fidelity through November 30.

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Hotline Update

Scheduled update: Fridays after market close.

December 2 Hotline Update

John BonnanzioThis is John Bonnanzio with a Fidelity Monitor & Insight Hotline update for Friday evening, December 2.

There are no model portfolio trades advised.... Read more

Market Outlook

December 1, 2022

Markets Have Priced-in Soft Landing And Peak Inflation

Last month’s inflation news was cheered by stock and bond investors alike. As mentioned in Fund Commentary, the dramatic drop in October’s CPI surprised almost everyone, perhaps even the Fed’s rate-setting (FOMC) committee.

... Read more

Model Portfolio Performance

Date: 12/06/2022

to Date
to Date
Income -0.19% -0.45% -9.92% -8.99%
Growth and Income -0.61    -1.54    -15.68    -14.30   
Growth -1.36    -3.49    -19.13    -16.81   
Select -1.86    -3.67    -21.39    -18.99   
Unique Opportunities -1.51    -3.70    -19.43    -16.81   

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