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ETF Message from Jack:
How To Track A Fidelity ETF

Calculating returns for Fidelity ETFs is much more difficult than tracking performance for Fidelity mutual funds, which is why we limit our monthly Scorecard coverage to their 11 MSCI sector ETFs.

The methods we use to report on the MSCI sectors are similar to how we track Fidelity’s annuity portfolios, where the challenge is not so much a lack of automated data, but a lack of timely data. Some of these techniques were developed back in 1986 ... Read more

2023 Fidelity Fund Distributions

Here are the Year-End Actual 2023 Fund Distributions as reported by Fidelity.

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Hotline Update

Scheduled update: Fridays after market close.

April 12 Hotline Update

John BonnanzioThis is John Bonnanzio with a Fidelity Monitor & Insight Hotline update for Friday evening, April 12.

There are no model portfolio trades advised.... Read more

Market Outlook

April 1, 2024

D.C.’s Policy Makers Make
Fed’s Inflation Fight Tougher

With the first quarter of 2024 in the rearview mirror, investors have certainly encountered plenty of surprises. For some, it’s that the nearly uninterrupted rise of growth stocks has gone hand-in-hand with more defensive sectors (like pharma and cyclicals) gaining traction ... Read more

Model Portfolio Performance

Date: 04/12/2024

to Date
to Date
Income -0.42% -1.16% 2.82% 8.74%
Growth and Income -0.96    -1.92    5.46    16.95   
Growth -1.64    -2.21    10.87    28.90   
Select -1.61    -2.80    7.69    28.23   
Unique Opportunities -1.66    -2.25    10.26    27.27   

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